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Janine has the uncanny ability to guide clients towards power and truths they already had inside them but hadn’t previously known how to access. She is a personal growth midwife as well as a cheerleader for your Higher Self. I felt extremely safe, seen and heard by Janine.

In our sessions, she was always 100% attentive to both my verbal and body language; she taught me how to pay close attention to my somatic (bodily) reactions in making important decisions. Working with her gave me the courage to trust in myself again and let go of fears that were holding me back from actualizing my dreams.

"Janine is a personal growth midwife as well as a cheerleader for your higher self."

Janel Marie Healy,

Communications Director

"Janine has helped me find the inner resilience not just to face any challenge, but to grow from it."

 I worked with her to address the crippling self-doubt and shame I lived with and the impenetrable fear of any form of "taking up space". I chose Janine as a coach because I was ready to grow beyond my comfort zones and I knew she was the kind of coach that wouldn't let me get away with continuing the habitual self-limiting patterns.
Her depth of understanding of the brain, how it functions and why we act and respond in the ways that we do, coupled with her years of co-counseling experience has her asking the questions no other person thinks of asking. The kind of questions that guide one to those light-bulb moments that changes one's life. Her insightful, intuitive approach and creative exercises led me so far beyond my original goal.

I have acquired skills that have dramatically changed how I respond to triggering situations and experiences that I would have previously avoided out of fear.

I couldn't recommend her more as a coach. If you are willing and able to put in the work she guides you through, I wholeheartedly believe you will find new depths to your potential."

Kaelyn Ramsden,

Organization Effectiveness Consultant

"I'd recommend Janine to anyone who wants their life to grow from good to awesome..."

When you say YES to working with Janine, and she says YES to working with you, buckle up because you will be starting an incredible, EMPOWERING adventure!

I would recommend Janine to anyone who is looking for a SPARK in their life, who wants their life to grow from good to AWESOME, who responds well to a creative, energetic coach who will cheer you on, put your feet to the fire when needed, who will hold you accountable, and who will only agree to work with you if they 100% believe in you.

Lauren Snead,

Wedding officiant & certified coach.

"That (coaching) session was like an Ayahausca journey!"


"I have made great progress in my career.."

"I have made great progress in my career due to Janine's coaching. I have started to get a handle on some deep-set financial issues, and I have made some excellent strides in some personal areas of concern.

I would recommend Janine to anyone who is ready to get serious about change. Do the work and you will get results!"

Joseph Kennedy,

M.Arch, author, speaker

"Since coaching with Janine I developed a better sense of self"

In our first session, Janine asked me questions and listened attentively to my responses. I left our first session feeling that we had started something very important I had been seeing a registered therapist and that cost $255/hr and I decided to work with Janine instead.

Since coaching with Janine I have developed a better sense of self. Janine has a great mind; she is extremely articulate and very sharp. She was able to reflect back parts of myself that I could not see.  

I have suffered from insomnia for several years. We addressed this and throughout the coaching, my sleep patterns went from an average of 5.5hrs to an average of 8hr sleep!

I plan to start a new series of sessions in the New Year with Janine because of the benefits of having someone with such clarity to help me map out goals for myself, and because I deserve it!  

M. Pearson,

Educator M.Ed, Vancouver, Canada

" My life is transformed from a year ago, really."

I love coaching because it helped me transform my life. I especially loved the questions Janine asked me that drew out my own hopes, dreams, desires and my best self.  Coaching got me doing things I have been wanting to do but putting off for decades. Now I am doing them. My life is transformed from a year ago, really. I loved that my coach believed in me 110%.  When you have all that in your corner, you have a superpower.

Janine’s greatest strengths as a coach are empathy and patience, humour and tenacity. She instilled confidence in the process of coaching and helped me find confidence in myself. I was able to trust her and her work ethic and knew she would especially help me and support me through the most difficult parts of making life changes.  I am very glad we did it together. Thank you, Janine!

K. Claggett,


"I wholeheartedly recommend Janine as a coach!"

Janine brought a deep curiosity to our coaching — which in turn, helped me view my circumstances with curiosity rather than judgment. She’s genuinely empathetic and kind and brought a refreshing playfulness to our coaching sessions. But she also challenged and pushed me when it was called for. I wholeheartedly recommend Janine as a coach! Get her in your corner! 

Pam Daghlian,

Professional Coach

"Her intuition is a finely tuned instrument..."

I’ve worked with great coaches before but Janine has a friendly, strong directness that few have had. Her intuition is a finely tuned instrument which she used so many times to my benefit.   Janine held my hand and heart and we got to some very useful places. 

My goal was to increase business easily and to be even more successful with less effort. It worked. I’m happy. I’m now one of her regular clients.

R. Geggie,

Author, teacher, coach

" Janine's skillful coaching equipped me to become more self-expressed, purposeful and clear."

I hired Janine to help me figure out my life during a major transition. Janine's skillful coaching equipped me to become more self-expressed, purposeful and clear on my own. In our sessions, Janine creates a container where I can bring all of myself and feel both seen and challenged from a supportive place. Over the years I’ve circled back to do the odd session with her, and it always feels like a place of relief and empowerment. Highly recommend working with Janine.

Tiana Doht

Mental Wellness Coach

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